Business Seminars at Moscow Business School

Business seminars — one of the key products of Moscow Business School. Our business school confidently occupies a leading position in the market of short-term vocational education and has extensive experience in creating and conducting up-to-date seminars, meeting all the needs of modern business.

Every month Moscow Business School holds over 100 face-to-face seminars, with 100% coverage of all functional and industry fields of the Russian business. More than 200 seminars and workshops are held in the corporate mode.

The seminars are conducted by leading experts and consultants, as well as top managers of the most successful companies in Russia and Europe. More than 100 professional practical experts are engaged into programs creating process and teaching, with their everyday business experience allowing them to maintain the highest quality of ongoing seminars and constantly adjust the content in accordance with the latest breakthroughs and current trends in the field of economics, law and business.

Programs for top executives:

Industry programs:

Programs for management: