Corporate Training

Integrated programs

Moscow Business School conducts corporate trainings in various formats. The most popular form of employees group training is a full series of seminars and trainings for 2-3 working days in total, which is the subtle deliberate combination of theoretical material and practical exercises. Training can be held as one of our standard programs or be individually designed to meet specific requirements of the contracting authority. Training can take place in both MBS classrooms and the company’s facilities.

Other solutions for companies

Distance learning courses and e-learning packages, being developed with taking into account the needs and peculiar qualities of particular company’s activity, restrictions on employment and any personal wishes of the owner.

Industry-oriented programs as a full-fledged MBA course or short-term seminars and trainings in more than 20 business industries for companies that seek to take a leading position in its industry.

Video courses consisting of video and other materials, developed for operational assistance in the conduct of business, and containing practical recommendations for specific tasks.

Webinars with leading experts and consultants, held in real time mode with the opportunity to ask the lecturer any question, get a prompt response from him, as well as exchange views and experiences with other students.

BBA and MBA programs for top executives at all levels, focused on the practical application of advanced technologies and the results of theoretical research in the business field for tackling specific issues of managing individual processes and the company as a whole.

Programs of the first and second higher education of Bachelor and Master degrees in various majors in the field of economics, management and modern technology.

Advantages of comprehensive employee training

A comprehensive approach to teaching staff is an efficient way to increase the effectiveness of any company due to:

  • Growth of corporate culture as a result of training of each employee;
  • Optimization of the cost of the company's development through comprehensive training of top management, middle managers, experts and candidates pool;
  • Forming ideologically unified working team, being coordinated in accordance with uniform standards of management, decision-making and performance appraisals;
  • Continuous acquisition and renewal of knowledge necessary for the potential development of the company;
  • Application in daily practice of the most modern management tools acquired during the training.

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