Crisis Management

High dynamism and uncertainty of modern business environment leads to the fact that many companies have to deal with a crisis situation. Current circumstances impose high knowledge and skills requirements on the specialists in the field of crisis management.

Students of this program learn:

  • history, philosophy, logic, law, sociology, psychology, foreign language, business communication, economics;
  • mathematics, statistics, information technology, research management systems, operations research, systems analysis, decision-making methods.

During the educational process, special attention is paid to studying such disciplines as: management, project management, marketing, accounting and analysis, operations management, financial management, strategic management, human resource management, investment analysis, tax and taxation, etc.

The program includes special disciplines, such as:

  • crisis management, risk management, innovation management, business communication;
  • risk management, change management, organization and management of production.

Elective courses of study: conflict management, pricing, basics of business, company evaluation, insurance, financial markets and institutions, etc.

Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to:

  • conduct comprehensive analysis of the enterprise in a state of crisis, and develop crisis management plans and projects;
  • perform and organize complex activities to prevent enterprise crisis;
  • carry out a set of measures of the risk management implementation in industrial and economic activities;
  • develop, coordinate and execute projects in renewal and transformation of companies and enterprises.


Upon the completion of the training, graduates of this program work successfully in consulting companies specializing in crisis management; major holding companies, as well as companies in a variety of industries in the department of economic security, strategic development performing functions of:

  • consultants, analysts, project managers;
  • crisis managers or their assistants.

Duration of studies:
from 3 to 4.5 years.

Eligibility Requirements
Diploma of (full) secondary education (11 classes) or diploma of secondary vocational education (technical school or college). Availability of United State Exam results, upon request.

After completing you studies of «Crisis Management» program and successful defense of graduation project you will get a standard bachelor’s diploma of Russian Federation, as well as European Diploma Supplement.

Forms of studies and tuition fees:

Distance education programs (weekend groups) Studies using distance education methods
59 000 rub.
(70 000 rub.)*
70 000 rub.
26 900 rub.
(45 000 rub.)*
45 000 rub.

*The prices are valid [check_your_javascript_for_see_date_and_project]

Prices shown are for one year of studies;
There is a possibility to obtain educational credit up to 36 months with initial deposit of 0%.