C/C++ Programming

Program objective

Provide the students with knowledge and basic skills in C/C++ programming required to create applications.

Upon completion of the program graduates will:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to write applications in procedural programming language C
  • Learn to design program architecture using the object-oriented paradigm
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to write applications in C++ programming language using object-oriented paradigm

Categories of students

Students, planning to work with C++ programming.

Course outline:

  • Introduction to programming in C/C++. External and internal structure of the application in C
  • Simple types. Initialization. Traditional transformation. Scope. Addressing
  • Operators in C/C++. Use of control structures. Functions
  • Arrays. Pointers. Lines.
  • Structures, inheritance. Standard C language library
  • Classes and types. Encapsulation and information hiding. Class declaration.
  • Objects and inheritance. Development of object-oriented programs. Structure of a program in C++
  • Abstract base classes and polymorphism. Arrays of objects and classes of collections.
  • The hash table, stack, queue. Linked lists, trees.
  • Algorithms of sorting and searching. Testing.

Admission requirements

Recommended to know the basics of:

  • elementary mathematics
  • architecture of electronic computing machine (ECM)
  • operating systems work
  • algorithmic structures and data structures
  • basic principles of object-oriented programming paradigm

Course Duration:

  • 2 weeks

Training format and tuition fee:

  • Part-time with Distant Technology methods
  • Tuition — 14 900 rubles.


  • Graduates of the program receive the Certificate of professional development.