IT strategies and iExec Enterprise Essentials

Program Objective

iExec Enterprise Essentials is designed to help participants examine their organization’s internal and external situation, identify and prioritize opportunities, and develop business cases to support process improvements using the Internet and IT.

The course has been designed for the last three years on the basis of the material successfully presented by the IBSG group in China, India, Japan and Singapore.

With This Course You Will:

  • Develop strategy and planning skills and lead the organizations more effectively
  • Understand key success factors for organizational readiness, change management, and governance
  • Create a vision for success and identify the organization’s needs and priorities
  • Lead or facilitate planning processes to analyze an organization’s internal and external situation, develop a vision for success, and create strategies for using the Internet and IT
  • Develop and prioritize a portfolio of potential process-improvement projects
  • Create a business case and a project proposal for IT-enabled value creation or process improvement


A Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute certificate is issued upon graduation.