Starting Business

Business administration requires the understanding of its legal aspects, accounting and marketing. The «Starting a Business» course is designed for those who plan to start their own small or medium business.
Successful business ownership requires not only choosing the right type of business but an understanding of legal requirements, accounting, management, and marketing. A business plan pulls all these components together. Most people fail in business because they make avoidable mistakes. This course teaches what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

You Get to:

  • Study the legal basics of business organization
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge for efficient distribution of cash flows
  • Improve your business negotiation skills

The course consists of leader-led instruction, small group work, on-line learning, and an individual project. Group exercises, case studies, and discussion forums help participants apply knowledge learned to real-life situations.

Study format and Tuition Fee

  • Extramural with distance learning technologies
  • Tuition fee is 14 900 rubles 30 000 rubles

Course Duration:

  • 140 academic hours (2 months)

You Will Learn to:

  • Evaluate business potential
  • Prepare a successful business plan
  • Buy an existing business or franchise, start a new business
  • Identify the appropriate licenses and permits needed
  • Finance the venture by acquiring startup capital
  • Select a business location and negotiate its lease
  • Decide on a business organization structure
  • Determine the information and communication technologies needed
  • Manage business accounting activities and track cash flow
  • Run general business processes
  • Hire, train, manage and motivate staff
  • Prepare for opening the business
  • Manage purchasing and inventory control
  • Develop a marketing plan and put it into action


Cisco Entrepreneur Institute certificate is issued upon graduation.