Introduction to Ken Wilber Integral Theory

Baranov Dmitry
Founder of «Ipraktik» integral project, researcher of the Integral method by Ken Wilber, a practicing Process-oriented psychologist (a member of Professional Process Community), leader of the workshops on the Process-oriented method and Holotropic Breath work (a participant of GTT), a participant of Arnold and Amy Mindell, Stanislav Grof’s workshops, an organizer and a host of «Integral Weeks».

Расписание занятий:

16 — 30 марта 2013
6 апреля 2013
18 — 31 мая 2013
15 июня 2013

The program is accredited by the leaders of Russian Integral Community, independent and foreign experts.

Goals of the program:

To teach the basic principles of Integral method by Ken Wilber to professional psychologists, to train experts informed about the Integral method.

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Be capable of analyzing acute problems on personal, community and international levels
  • Acquire the basic skills of using the integral map when dealing with a huge variety of situations
  • Acquire the basic skills of self-diagnosis, discovering the blind spots, creating the individual map of integral development
  • Acquire analytical tools based on different theories and approaches
  • Gain the knowledge allowing to create the all-round understanding of the very idea of social processes
  • Create your own integral-oriented approaches to solve acute problems

Categories of listeners:

Psychology faculties’ students, psychologists, teachers, coaches and community development workers.

Listeners are required to have:

Certificate of higher or professional degree.

Course format and tuition fee:

  • Full-time, Part-time with the distance learning methods
  • Tuition fee — 14 900 rubles.

Course duration:

  • 72 academic hours


  • Integrative approach in history: S. Aurobindo, I. Lazlo
  • Ken Wilber: integral approach, AQAL model
  • AQAL integral map
  • Quadrants, subjectivism, intersubjectivism, objectivism. Reductionism
  • Definition of levels-stages of development
  • Lines of development. Theory of multiple intellects by Gardner
  • Definition of conditions in each of quadrants
  • Definition of types in each of quadrants
  • Integral map in different spheres: business, medicine, politics, personal development
  • Development of integral view on conflicts
  • Basic methods of self-diagnosis


Course certificate by Moscow School of Brain and Cognitive Science