Olga V. Klipacheva

<p>HR Inspector</p>

When I called MTI Admission Office I talked to the consultant Yevgeny Grishanov, an attentive young man who explained everything to me in a detailed and simple way, told me about the opportunity of getting a higher education in a reduced term of 3.5 years based on vocational secondary education.

One pleasant surprise to top everything off was the fact that if I paid the whole sum for a year of studies I would get a discount.

After that I passed the entrance tests, collected all the necessary papers, was admitted on August 1, 2011, and currently I am already studying at MTI.

I did not even expect the distance learning to be so convenient. You can attend any webinar, you have access to the electronic library and all electronic textbooks on all the subjects. There are also different message boards with teachers ready to answer any question. I choose the time and the schedule of my studies myself.

In my opinion, the advantages are more than apparent.

  • MTI is the only Russian university established and functioning under the aegis of UNECSO.
  • The distance education form.
  • Vast amount of course materials.
  • State-recognized diploma.
  • Affordable education fee.