Anna V. Kandybor

<p>Reviewer at&nbsp;the &laquo;Odintsovskaya Nedelya&raquo; weekly, Moscow. Area of&nbsp;studies at&nbsp;MTI: &laquo;HR&nbsp;Management&raquo;</p>

I wish a Happy New Year to the esteemed MTI staff that put the outstanding idea of distance learning system into practice.

Thanks to the new technologies I can work, bring up my two daughters and study. Moreover, I can choose the time to study theoretical courses, to solve practical problems and tests, to participate in seminars, to pass tests and exams all by myself.

Furthermore, I make brief (and understandable) reviews on many subjects for my elder daughter, who is a fourth-grader, training her to the terms and the subject matter. The most important thing is that the WILLINGNESS TO STUDY is ever growing.

I wish MTI teachers and staff, the students and their loved ones happiness and achievement of their goals in 2012.