Ivan Zalevsky

<p>Head of IT Department, Computer Graphics Specialist</p>

Having studied at Moscow Technological Institute for six months I understood one thing — I had made the right choice. Firstly, the studies do not interfere with my work at all; secondly, I really like the education system through which you get a lot of material, with tests that reinforce the skills very well. Everything is quite interesting and easy to grasp.

The webinars are very interesting, the teachers are experienced, and they keep good contact with the audience while giving detailed explanation to any question.

Unfortunately, I do not always have a chance to attend a webinar, and that is when the possibility to watch and listen to the record comes to rescue.

I’d also like to point out the constant development of the Institute, with innovations emerging and teachers always being up to date with the new trends and technologies (concerning my specialization — «IT»).

I recommend studying at MTI to all my acquaintances because I like it a lot. Thank you. I have really grown to love studying thanks to the Institute.