Alexey A. Yevdokimov

Moscow Technological Institute is fantastic!

I will begin by saying that once I got an e-mail from MTI offering to get a higher education (or a second higher education) through distance learning (i.e. without having to leave home at all) !!! I could only dream about that because I have had serious health issues for several years, and studying full-time or even part-time is impossible for me! So there I was, searching the Internet for any information about this Institute because I did have some doubts about it being yet another online scam. However, everything turned out to be serious and legit! So I called the Admission Office and talked with its consultant Yevgeny Grishanov, a remarkable young man who explained everything to me in a detailed and understandable way. After that I passed the entrance tests (by the way, I chose the Faculty of Technics and Modern Technologies and Computer Science and Computer Engineering as my specialization), it was great!

Then Yevgeny and I discussed the day I was to start studying (you can choose it yourself) and the education fee (there was a special offer at that time with reduced prices, and being a person with disabilities, I had an extra discount as well). Moreover, if I chose to pay the full sum for a year of studies, I came under another special offer with the Institute giving me a free tablet or a netbook for studying!

I collected all the necessary papers, paid the annual fee, and now I’m already studying at MTI, and I’ve also got my tablet. More than that, when I already started studying, the Institute signed a contract with the MTS cellular carrier under which every student was granted a free 3G modem, a SIM card and unlimited Internet access, so I am already using my modem!

Speaking about the studying itself, I would say that one could really become a professor here. Everything depends on your personal commitment. You can attend any webinars, even those having nothing to do with your specialization. You have at your service a huge electronic library, various message boards, social network communities and teachers who are always willing to answer any of your questions. You choose the time and schedule of your classes yourself while staying at home or working, isn’t it a dream? I have never thought a higher education could be so accessible, quality and convenient to get, because you will be passing all the tests and exams in front of you own PC that accepts neither champagne nor chocolates as a bribe!

In conclusion, I would like to repeat that I am really happy to be studying at MTI. Let’s be happy together!!!