Kairat A. Dostemesov

<p>Deputy Director at&nbsp;the &laquo;Carousel&raquo; Hypermarket, Cheboksary, X5&nbsp;Retail Group</p>

You are the main planner of your own life, and it doesn’t matter whether you realize it or not.
Anthony Robbins ©

The world around us is constantly changing, and we have to learn to meet its requirements. With today’s breakneck life pace, self-development and education are becoming a must while you often just don’t have enough time for traditional education forms.

With this, MTI offers a remarkable opportunity to acquire knowledge via the distance-learning program for busy people of all ages. Especially so, given the fact that this Institute is Russia’s fair leader in this field.

The distance-learning program lets you schedule an education plan that would suit you adjusting it to your life pace.

The thing is that the theoretical studies themselves are inseparably linked with the practical experience, and they complement each other with skilled application.

I am really happy to be studying at MTI, and the only thing that I regret is not having started earlier.

During our entire life, education is the most precious investment we can make in ourselves.