Lyubov I. Burkova

<p>Head of&nbsp;Staff Management Department at&nbsp;the OJSC В&amp;В, the &laquo;Podolchanka&raquo; Confectionary Factory</p>

Many people believe that women have a hard time combining work with study, being a mom and a wife. We really feel the lack of time. Maybe there is even a feeling of guilt because of often being away from home. This is not about me. I found a way, which is the distance learning system.

Today I have a satisfying job, a wonderful family, and I have time for hobbies and rest too. We are also learning to distribute family functions, to delegate powers, to arrange "«business processes»; we have also implanted an assessment system, and we care about the development of all family members.

Thanks a lot to MTI teaching staff for their help.