Anna V. Krepkaya

Getting higher education turned out to be quite a problem for me, with work taking almost all my free time. My friends told me about the distance learning system that enables you to get higher education without leaving your home. I began looking for universities that had such an option. The Moscow Technological Institute was one of them. I called the Admission Office, and the manager Yevgeny Grishanov picked up. This young man answered all my questions in detail, sent me an e-mail with full information about the program requirements. Together we chose a convenient time for me to start with the studies. With this interesting and comprehensive consultation, Yevgeny inspired me to enter the Institute and begin acquiring knowledge! Later, I entered the Institute and began studying. I got access to a vast electronic database with information on all subjects I was interested in, and I started to participate in webinars too, which was fascinating and very interesting. Strange as it may seem, one does not feel much difference between attending a lecture at an institute and taking part in a webinar. You can ask questions online if you have failed to grasp something. Most importantly, the explanation is very interesting and easy to understand. There is a huge base of webinars on different subjects that do not necessarily belong to your course of studies, but in which you can still take part just to broaden your outlook. If you have failed to take part in a webinar you can always find it later in the archive, which is also a huge advantage. I really like studying! Getting a full-fledged higher education is guaranteed provided you are willing to get it!