Larisa V. Lenchitskaya

<p>Area of studies: Environmental Protection. Specialization: Industrial Ecology</p>

To begin with, this form of education is a real godsend for the fulfilled people who know what they want. Unfortunately, such form did not exist when I was younger. Taking care of the children, elderly parents or other family duties often prevent many people from getting necessary education even part-time because their presence at home is vitally important. Moreover, one cannot always find a university with the necessary specializations, let alone small towns like mine. I live and work in the town of Gubkinsky, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. I work as a chemical engineer in Rosneft’s ecological analysis and technological research laboratory. In 1987, I graduated from the Grozny Oil Technical School where I majored in oil, natural gas and reservoir water chemistry. I have huge work experience, but nowadays a higher education is absolutely necessary to work successfully and get promoted. I am very happy to have found the specialization I needed at MTI as well as the convenient form of education because even my relatively short absence at home is undesirable. I have three sons and I am currently taking care of my father, who is physically challenged. Many believe that distance education fails to provide solid knowledge and skills but I consider this opinion subjective. If you know what you want, you will study with diligence because you will need this knowledge at work. Many young professionals who have graduated from state-run universities as full-time students come to work for my company, and some of them surprise me with their incompetence and poor knowledge in the field. Although I am a first year student and do not yet have access to the specialization subjects that are of much importance for me, I have already put into practice the knowledge that I acquired in mathematics while calculating intermediate precision and accuracy. The possibility to study foreign languages via webinars and TELL ME MORE program, where not only can you learn grammar but also have live communication with others and practice pronunciation, is also of interest. The access to any kind of information at the IQlib electronic library also deserves mentioning. I hope that my further education will be as pleasing and satisfying as it is today.