Adile Kurbanov

<p>Head of IT Department</p>

I am pleased to share my impression about studying at Moscow Technological Institute. Late in May 2011, I chose MTI. I had several options of entering this or that university for part-time or distance education. I had to go over many variants pondering all pros and cons, assessing all advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, it was the education at MTI that gave me the prospect of acquiring the necessary knowledge in the most convenient way. Initially, Irina Grushovenko, an Admission Office consultant, helped me a lot. She answered all my questions about the Institute, told me about the professors and administration, the modern education methods, and the main advantages of the distance learning system. Irina also showed me the feedback section on MTI website where students and alumni left their reviews. I am very grateful to her for her help. I began studying in August 2011. During the education, I acquired the necessary planning skills for choosing the time for my classes and webinars. I successfully went through my first term without leaving my job duties. Managing with the tasks was not always easy; I did not always have enough time so I had to stay up with my tablet long past midnight. However, as they say, the first step is the hardest, and later on, I learnt to use my time more efficiently. The interesting and interactive webinars, the training sessions on the mastered materials teach you how to approach the control tasks and the final tests on the subject. The education process is interesting! If you need a higher education, I recommend you Moscow Technological Institute! It is not just a chance to get a higher education, but it is also a lot more educational programs and opportunities!