Lyubov V. Koloteva

<p>Merchandizer at&nbsp;the &laquo;Azbuka Vkusa&raquo; Food Supermarket</p>

We all want to have an interesting and well-paid job, and you seem to have all that it takes: considerable work experience, respect from colleagues and bosses, but for some reason they prefer to promote other people. Then all of a sudden you realize that you lack knowledge to get promoted. I work as a merchandizer at the «Azbuka Vkusa» Food Supermarket, but my ambition is to become the director. But what can I do if I am a working person and I do not have much free time, and commuting with today’s traffic is just impossible? And that’s when the Institute comes to your home — that’s how my 71-year-old mother calls the distance learning system.

It became the decisive factor for me. I study whenever I have time. When you cover one topic after another, you get really excited. Moreover, the webinars still amaze my mother who just cannot imagine a professor teaching me economics right from my PC screen. Are you still wondering where and how to study? I will answer with a popular ad catchphrase: and now we are coming to you! (It’s the distance learning system I’m still talking about).