Yevgeny V. Kozhemyakin

<p>Individual Entrepreneur, Surgut</p>

Moscow Technological Institute is Russia’s most modern university. Due to the circumstances, I had to leave extramural courses at Tomsk Polytechnic Institute and look for a possibility to continue my education online from the third year somewhere else. There were several universities that offered such an option, but each of them had its own frame in the wardrobe. Those in the Ural required passing an exam on some kind of history of the South Ural region (which I was not interested in, to put it mildly); those in Siberia required passing many extra exams and only allowed to continue studying from an earlier year.

As a result, my attention was drawn to MTI, and I decided to apply. I consulted a specialist via Skype and e-mail, passed the entrance tests, paid for one year of studies with a credit card online (it was rather cheap and I also got a discount under a special offer), mailed my papers, and there I was as a student. So, now I am taking my first exams and tests. You can have straight A’s for your exams if you have gone through the «Electronic course libraries» and the webinars. It is very interesting to take part in online webinars because you can ask questions to your professors and express your opinion. It is all right if you have failed to participate because you can watch the recordings later. Moscow Technological Institute website is very user-friendly and informative. After watching me study my wife (a qualified electronics engineer) decided to get a second degree in economics. She sent her papers too, passed the entrance tests, paid for the education and got accepted. There is also a special offer that allows her to study one of the six foreign languages for free. She says she can attend webinars on all the six languages, which is really cool! I always recommend MTI to all my acquaintances who are studying somewhere or are planning to start, because:

  1. The price is moderate in comparison with any other Russian university
  2. You do not have to commute a long way to pass your exams, bearing extra expenses on the trip, accommodation, etc.
  3. The education itself as well as the exams are all conducted via a PC, which is simple.
  4. It is modern because of the webinars and electronic courses.