Veronika A. Kravchenko

<p>Customer Relations Manager</p>

I found this Institute by the reviews. I chose the distance form of education and never regretted that because learning is captivating, useful, and — most importantly — it does not interfere with my work! What I especially like is the fact that I can listen to webinars on different topics, not just on my specialization. Firstly, it really broadens my mind. Secondly, it really helps me at work and in my life in general, because you can find many useful things there, if you want to, of course. I also hear many of my peers say that it is impossible to study and work at the same time even at extramural courses at other universities. I, on the contrary, can do it thanks to MTI. I am very grateful to my institute for such opportunities and the quality of education. I recommend it to all my acquaintances and will not stop doing it because it is the best kind of university; it is innovative, modern, proficient, and it suits you under any life conditions.