Our Students’ Reviews

<p>Area of studies: Environmental Protection. Specialization: Industrial Ecology</p>
<p>Specialization: Business Administration (Workforce Management)</p>
<p>HR Management, First Year. Occupation: Director of two furniture stores</p>
<p>Head of IT Department</p>
<p>Merchandizer at&nbsp;the &laquo;Azbuka Vkusa&raquo; Food Supermarket</p>
<p>Individual Entrepreneur, Surgut</p>
<p>Customer Relations Manager</p>
<p>Assistant Director at&nbsp;the OJSC &laquo;RMZ&raquo;</p>
<p>Recruiting Director</p>
<p>Tech Support Specialist at an Online Store</p>
<p>HR Inspector</p>
<p>Reviewer at&nbsp;the &laquo;Odintsovskaya Nedelya&raquo; weekly, Moscow. Area of&nbsp;studies at&nbsp;MTI: &laquo;HR&nbsp;Management&raquo;</p>
<p>Head of IT Department, Computer Graphics Specialist</p>
<p>The Moscow University of&nbsp;Finance and Law, Management and Marketing Department, Senior Teacher</p>
<p>Deputy Director at&nbsp;the &laquo;Carousel&raquo; Hypermarket, Cheboksary, X5&nbsp;Retail Group</p>
<p>Head of&nbsp;Staff Management Department at&nbsp;the OJSC В&amp;В, the &laquo;Podolchanka&raquo; Confectionary Factory</p>