Second higher education at MTI

If you already have a higher education but it does not correspond to a professional activity that you would like to be engaged in, Moscow Technological Institute strongly recommends that you enroll in a second higher education program as soon as possible.

MTI offers to get a fundamental Undergraduate or Graduate education, as well as deepen your knowledge in business administration. Bachelor degree involves fundamental studying of all the new disciplines starting with the most basic concepts. The program also provides a reduced program (3.5 years) with credit transfer of some disciplines. Master’s degree (2.5 years) will require more self-sufficiency, because it assumes that you are already familiar with the basics. The program is based on a deeper and more detailed proficiency development in particular specializations.

In addition to the traditional formats of education Moscow Technological Institute provides an opportunity for extramural (part-time) studies with the use of distance technologies. This format is suitable for those people who want to combine their work and studies. Distance learning technologies allow to study anywhere anytime without leaving home, family or work.

You can select a field of study that interests you most and learn more about Undergraduate and Graduate MTI programs: