Development of System Software

Currently, enterprises are faced with increasing complexity of information systems and growing amounts of data used to perform the tasks with high demands on resources. The successful operation of high-performance systems requires an efficient and fail-safe system software designed for the support and optimization of the computing infrastructure.

In contrast to application software, which is designed to address specific business tasks facing the users, system software aims to support the operation of the IT system as a whole, including its hardware. That is why the developers of system software are required to thorougly explore the principles of the functioning of operating systems, networks and hardware components of the sys-tems.

Our program is aimed at training professionals planning to develop system software for high-performance computing, industrial systems, applications integration, hardware systems (device drivers).

Program Objective
Obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the tasks of system software develop-ment, including the collection and analysis of requirements, the development of technical specifica-tions, the development and debugging of applications, the integration of software components, analysis and code optimization, planning and testing, documentation writing and user training.

The program is designed for
Professionals planning to develop system software (high-performance computing, industrial systems, applications integration, device drivers).

Professional retraining program
Advanced training program

The program is designed for
Professionals planning to develop system software (high-performance computing, industrial systems, applications integration, device drivers).

All the obtained knowledge and skills will not only allow students to successfully perform complex tasks on development, but will also let them prepare for the certification exams in order to acquire internationally recognized qualifications of a professional and a software development expert with relevant specialization.

Students within «Network Technologies» discipline study Cisco CCNA Discovery course for free. This course provides a high level qualification for an IT specialist. All students get access to Networking Academy’s unique training materials and Cisco equipment. After successful completion of the course, students get an opportunity to take exams and get Cisco certificates.

Program duration
Professional retraining program: 938 academic hours (12 months) Advanced training program: 334 academic hours

Study formats

  1. 16-24 hours per week
  2. 40 hours per week

Weekend class sessions
Training in such groups is organized on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM with a lunch break and two coffee breaks.

The course is taught partly in the distance learning format: electronic seminars in the distance learn-ing system and on-line lectures (webinars). Such format allows to involve real practitioners in the training.

On-site sessions are held in the classrooms equipped with modern technologies that meet all the re-quirements for effective learning. During the practical trainings teachers will demonstrate imple-mentation of the necessary work / procedures and will individually help to cope with all the encoun-tered difficulties.

Distance learning group
Training of the group is carried out with the use of advanced distance learning technologies and the latest interactive and multimedia solutions.

On-line lectures (webinars) allow students to maintain contact with teachers in real time, ask ques-tions and repeat all actions performed by teachers and students on their computer desktop. Students can watch the most successfully recorded webinars 24/7.

E-learning (electronic seminars) allows students to explore further all the practical aspects of the chosen program. Teachers provide and evaluate solutions of complex cases, the quality of coding, conducting system configurations, as well as stimulate discussions of the results and relevant issues for the students at the forum within the Distance Learning System. On-line testing allows students to independently assess their level of academic achievement and identify issues for a more thorough examination and discussion with the teacher. Each training program is followed by the final testing.

Admission Requirements:
Diploma of Higher Education (bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s degree) or Diploma of Non-University Level Higher Education (technical school, college).

Diplomas and certificates:
Upon completion of the retraining programs graduates receive a Diploma of Professional Retraining, giving the right to work in the chosen field. Upon completion of advanced training programs, graduates receive a certificate confirming acquisition of additional professional skills and extended professional potential.

Training formats and tuition fee:

Part-time/weekend class sessions Part-time with Distance Learning Technologies
79 000 rub.
99 000 rub.*
99 000 rub.
59 000 rub.
89 000 rub.*
89 000 rub.

*Цены действительны [check_your_javascript_for_see_date_and_project]

Part-time with Distance Learning Technologies
40 000 rub.

Cost for the whole training program, no additional fees;
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.