MBA Start

MBA Start — is a distance learning program that matches the MBA General standards. It is effective due to the video lectures and a number of educative activities (web-conferences, webinars, discussion workshops, regional and functional communities, etc.) that make the studies extremely similar to full-time education.

MBA Start — is a distance learning program that matches the MBA General standards. It is effective due to the video lectures and a number of educative activities (web-conferences, webinars, discussion workshops, regional and functional communities, etc.) that make the studies extremely similar to full-time education.

MBA Start is a practice-oriented educational program that matches the MBA General Standards and contains the results of some cutting-edge research in the spheres of business together with real facts and practical solutions. Upon joining the Program, you get access to the most wide-scale base of knowledge and experience that were accumulated by successful Russian and foreign companies after several decades of their work. We are sure that MBA Start would let you achieve your ambitious goals and outstanding career development!

MBA Start Program is:

  • Distance learning regardless of location;
  • Flexible schedule with 24/7 access to all educational data;
  • Individual support of tutors during all the course of studies;
  • Well-structured video lectures that fully recreate the presence in the classroom;
  • Communication with leading experts during regular workshops;
  • Social network for the communication with experts in different fields — graduates and listeners of Moscow Business School;
  • MBA State-Recognized Degree, International Graduation Certificate and Diploma Supplement;
  • Minimized financial and time spending on your studies.

What are the opportunities offered by the Program?

  • Learn to think as a senior manager, CEO;
  • Enhance your managerial skills up to the level of maximum efficiency;
  • See an organization as a system of interconnected processes and functions;
  • Obtain missing knowledge and refresh the knowledge you have;
  • Use the acquired data and knowledge to teach others;
  • Solve certain issues by consulting with professors and course mates;
  • Acquire new ideas and impetus to realize them;
  • Fully find yourself in your own business;
  • Get out of business routine and move forward in your career development.

Being a student of MBA Start Program implies obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge in the spheres of Management, Marketing, Economics and Finance.

All graduates of Moscow Business School MBA Start Program are ready for managerial duties and are ready to solve any business problems: from motivating staff to creating a long-term market policy of a company, from settling the microclimate in a company up to creating an international business, from writing business emails to investing properly.

Upon the graduation from MBA Start Program students are ready:

  • To think from managerial perspective, to work as equals with highly qualified experts;
  • To solve complicated systematic problems that a modern company might face;
  • To use the experience acquired before the Program in a more effective way;
  • To use business skills and apply the basic principles of human resource management and team management;
  • To take the responsibility for the development of business;
  • To understand the basic principles of self-management and time management;
  • To use the basic competences of strategic and operational management, project management, accounting and financial reporting, and change management;
  • To apply the methods of qualitative and quantitative research;
  • To understand the basics of market and market economy functioning.

Qualification of MBA Start graduates

Those who graduated from the MBA Start Program and obtained the MBA Diploma are ready to work as Senior and Middle Managers.

The graduates possess knowledge, skills and understanding of proper level that are based on the awareness of market economy's particularities and opportunities, of state's functions and economic role, business's social responsibility and commitment to civilized ethical norms of running a business.

In the sphere of management graduates understand the very idea of business and strategic management on the market; they are capable of identifying the mission and goals of an organization, of analyzing strong and weak points of an organization in the competitive environment, and thus of creating and launching the strategy of an organization. They are well aware of modern approaches in management, methods of systematic approach to an organization, quantitative methods of management, methods of diagnoses, analyze and solution of problems as well as methods of decision-making and their practical realization. An МВА Start graduate can professionally analyze the organization structure of an enterprise, create the structure that adequately reflects goals and tasks, internal and external factors of a business. A graduate is capable of delegating tasks and responsibilities, he/she has enough knowledge and skills to manage people in organizations successfully by using modern concepts of organizational behavior and human resource management. A graduate knows how to plan and organize work with staff, how to motivate staff successfully.

In the sphere of marketing, a graduate knows how to plan marketing steps in connection with company’s strategy. He/she also knows how to organize marketing activity on the operational level, how to effectively control it and assure rational use of resources in the sphere of marketing. A graduate possesses a necessary qualification to analyze market and a situation on the market, to study consumers’ behavior, to assess the marketability of a product and come up with measures to assure it. He/she knows how to actively use price formation in the competition policy of an enterprise, to organize demand, sells and effective sales turnover, to assure effective promotion on the market, to form the retailing network. A graduate is capable of using advertisements and mass media to shape positive image of a company/its goods in order to increase marketability and ensure effective business activities.

In the sphere of economics, a graduate possess all the necessary knowledge and understands the way market functions and the way producers and consumers behave. He/she knows how to shape economic goals and strategies of a company, to assess production costs from the perspective of a manager, to analyze micro- and macroeconomic factors. A graduate understands modern economy’s trends from the perspective of Russian economic development and is informed about international competition. He possesses basic knowledge and skills of external economic activity, including working with foreign partners, carrying out external economic operations and organizing international business.

In the sphere of finances a graduate possesses sound knowledge and knows the basics of financial management. He/She knows how to plan and exercise investment policy, carry out analyses, make a choice of investment projects and launch them.

A graduate is able to manage his/her own time, carry out self-analyses and self-management, work in groups, exercise effective communications, and write business letters. He/She knows how to make excellent presentations and hold negotiations.

Who are recommended to apply?

  • Тop-managers, directors, owners and entrepreneurs;
  • Heads of departments;
  • Managers and experts.

Program duration and academic plan

The Programme course lasts for 2 years. The Program includes 15 modules.

Admission requirements:

  • University degree (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
  • Work experience of more than 2 years.


Upon the graduation each graduate receives two diplomas:

  1. Diploma of Master of Business Administration (MBA);
  2. International Diploma awarding Master of Business Administration degree (in English), as well as pan-European Diploma Supplement. The documents do not require additional translation or certification for production to foreign organizations.

Program format and tuition fee

Distance training format
109 000 rubles
(189 000 rubles)
189 000 rubles

The price includes a full course of study (2 years), no additional payments required;
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.