MBA Professional

MBA Professional is a number of programs «Master of Business Administration MBA» with specialization in one of the professional fields. Training on any of the MBA Professional programs is designed for 2 years. Each of the subjects in the curriculum is devoted to a particular aspect of business management: change management, human resource management, financial management, innovation management, project management, etc.

MBA Professional has been developed to train the heads of departments, but it is also suitable for leading experts who plan to grow their careers as well as all managers and entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge in a particular area of the business processes.

MBA Professional includes educational programs with an opportunity to specialize in the following spheres:

What is the educational process like?

The program is run by trainers-practitioners with managerial background who are ready to share their experience and knowledge.

During the training you will get access to the System of Distance Learning where you will be able to use electronic copyrighted materials, participate in webinars (online seminars) and discuss current management problems with your fellow students and students of other groups.

Advantages of MBA Professional:

  • Opportunity to choose a specialization of your interest;
  • Ability to interact with faculty practitioners;
  • Each MBA Professional student becomes a participant of the professional social network consisting of more than 5,000 business representatives;
  • Individual counseling of students in each discipline and implementation of the final qualifying works;
  • Online communication with leading practitioners during regular video conferences and webinars;
  • Ability to establish business contacts with potential partners from different cities in Russia and CIS.

Admission requirements:

  • University degree (bachelor's, master's, specialist)
  • 2+ years of employment career


Upon the graduation each graduate receives two diplomas:

  1. Diploma of Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. International Diploma awarding Master of Business Administration degree (in English), as well as pan-European Diploma Supplement. The documents do not require additional translation or certification for production to foreign organizations.

Program formats and Tuition fee:

Face-to-face Part-time with Distant Technology methods Part-time (weekend group)
with 2 onsite sessions in Moscow
Part-time (weekend group)
with 1 onsite session in Moscow and
1 onsite session abroad
280 000 rub.
(400 000 rub.)
400 000 rub.
149 000 rub.
(219 000 rub.)
219 000 rub.
219 000 rub.
(269 000 rub.)
269 000 rub.
249 000 rub.
(369 000 rub.)
369 000 rub.

The price includes a full course of study (2 years), no additional payments required;
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.