The «Master of Public Administration» program at Moscow Technological Institute is designed to develop the management skills of employees in the state and municipal authorities as well as professionals in business structures interacting with government agencies.

The educational process involves a large amount of distance learning which provides the opportunity to study with no interference to your professional activities. Learning effectiveness is enhanced by video lectures, webinars, and discussion seminars in the Forum space. Students always have the opportunity to consult with trainers-practitioners and tutors on all issues.

The program aims at developing practical skills required for a modern executive. Students will learn the theory and practice of modern legal issues of state and municipal governance, as well as economic issues (administrative in particular). The MPA program was designed with the participation of experts with real governmental work experience, as well as the experience of interaction with the state sector as counterparties.

MPA program will allow you to develop management skills in the state sector, to master the art of effective interaction between business and government structures.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Obtain knowledge and skills of effective professional activities in the modern system of state and municipal governance
  • Learn how to quickly and accurately analyze a problem situation and find the optimal solution
  • Be able to respond to emergency situations more quickly and efficiently
  • Work out a real project to improve the conditions and results of your professional activities as part of the thesis, together with the experts from Moscow Technological Institute
  • Develop the most effective personal way of interaction between government and business based on the acquired knowledge
  • Expand the horizons of strategic thinking on the state and municipal governance
  • Obtain skills of successful teamwork with professionals in state structures with a possible involvement of business representatives
  • Get to know new likeminded people and future colleagues from the fellow students, teachers and tutors of the program
  • Obtain new knowledge for career promotion and create new projects for state and municipal structures

Who should choose this program?

  • Heads and Deputy Heads of state and municipal structures
  • Professionals, including the personnel reserve for filling the positions of heads of state and municipal structures
  • Senior and middle managers of state sector enterprises
  • GR-managers of Russian and International companies
  • Managers of companies that are actively involved in cooperation with state and municipal authorities

Program duration

The duration of the «Master of Public Administration (MPA)» is 2 years.

Admission requirements:

  • University degree
  • 2+ years of employment career in public and (or) municipal administration, in public sector enterprises or work experience in social services departments and PR, GR in business structures and non-profit organizations

Training formats and tuition fee:

Part-time with Distance learning Technologies
219 000 rub.
(269 000 rub.)
269 000 rub.

The price includes a full course of study (2 years), no additional payments required.
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.


After graduation and defending the graduation project each graduate receives a diploma of secondary (Higher) Education certifying the assignment of additional qualification «Specialist in state and municipal administration — Master of Public Administration (MPA)».