System integration and corporate IT infrastructure management

It is difficult to imagine an enterprise operating without the use of information technologies: none of the major areas of the company’s activity, from production to financial and economic systems management can be handled without the required IT infrastructure.

Modern geographically distributed corporate information systems with a large number of telecommunications equipment, hardware and software require professional service and technical support to meet the needed standards of high quality service and availability, reliability and continuity of IT services.

Highly qualified specialists in systems integration and the management of corporate IT infrastructure are always some of the most sought after and highly paid employees.

Students learn:

  • optimization techniques;
  • IT project management;
  • methods of business analysis and strategy development for the IT-infrastructure;
  • design and preparation of technical specifications.

During the training students learn the research and development methodologies, do educational and industrial practice work. At the final stage the candidates for the academic master’s degree perform scientific research and defend a project.

Specialization disciplines include:

  • development of expert systems and knowledge bases;
  • automation systems of enterprise management;
  • design of business processes and systems;
  • reliability, monitoring and diagnostics of computer systems;
  • corporate IT infrastructure management;
  • system integration technologies;
  • IT consulting methodology;
  • data storage systems and networks;
  • information security management.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • use modern techniques and tools of project management, engineering and business processes reengineering, business processes automation;
  • conduct a systematic and analytical examination, develop models of organizational structure, business processes and customer management systems;
  • consult in the field of business management, financial and personnel management;
  • develop project documentation and internal reporting documents;
  • audit on specific criteria of the evaluation of the IT infrastructure certain elements, as well as the entire set of software, hardware, processes and service support of the audited company.

Job placement

The graduates can perform research, design, production and technological, operational, organizational, managerial, teaching activities.

Graduates successfully work in the following positions: consultants, IT infrastructure auditors, experts on the implementation of corporate information systems, analysts, project managers for the implementation, business architects.

Program duration:
from 2 to 2.5 years.

Admission requirements:
Bachelor or Specialist degree in a similar field.

Upon graduation and defending the graduation project students get master’s degree of the Russian Federation state standard, as well as pan-European Diploma Supplement (Diploma Supplement).

Training format and tuition fee:

Part-time with distance learning technologies
82 900 rub.
(110 000 rub.)*
110 000 rub.

*The prices are valid [check_your_javascript_for_see_date_and_project].

The price is given per one year of study;
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.