State and Regional management

The program is designed to prepare highly qualified specialists and managers with modern theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of state administration, methods of improving the competitiveness of regions and municipalities based on the trends of the global economy, capable of using modern methodologies and techniques for the implementation of administrative functions at the regional level.

Students learn:

  • modern problems of economics, foreign language, modern aspects of the tax law;
  • macro-economic planning and forecasting, modern economic policies, the theory of institutional changes.

Specialization disciplines include:

  • state and municipal management, the financial system, regional economy and management;
  • budgeting, strategic management, human resource management.

There are some basic elective courses available for studying, such as: risk management, financial markets and institutions, monetary management, public-law regulation.

Upon completion of the program graduates will be able to:

  • develop a strategy of socio-economic development for regions and municipalities;
  • analyze the indexes of regional changes to economic growth;
  • analyze and make the best intra-and inter-regional solutions;
  • participate in the development of trends for a regional economy and social field;
  • distribute functions, powers and responsibilities between the state servants.

Job placement

Upon completion of the training, graduates of the program successfully work in public service at the federal, regional and municipal levels, in domestic, foreign and joint enterprises, financial and industrial corporations, holding companies, large commercial structures, participate in researches in the field of socio-economic development as:

  • managers, specialists in the field of organizational, informational and expert support for management decisions at the regional level.

Program duration:
from 2 to 2.5 years.

Admission requirements:
Bachelor or Specialist degree in a similar field.

Upon graduation and defending the graduation project students get master’s degree of the Russian Federation state standard, as well as pan-European Diploma Supplement (Diploma Supplement).

Training format and tuition fee:

Part-time with distance learning technologies:
72 900 rub.
(100 000 rub.)*
100 000 rub.

*The prices are valid [check_your_javascript_for_see_date_and_project].

The price is given per one year of study;
Education loan up to 36 months with an initial payment of 0% is possible.