Bachelor of Business Administration

Educational training program BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is carried out within the academic profile «Small Business Management» («Management» program). The main difference of the BBA program is a more advanced study of the issues related to the specific functions of management (strategic management, marketing, personnel management, production management, process and project management, sales management) and the areas of entrepreneurial activity (construction business, restaurant business, advertising business and internet marketing, business in the beauty industry and fitness, hotel and tourism business). Thanks to its functional and industrial focus BBA program is both a traditional undergraduate program and preliminary step to MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Upon completion of the training, the graduates receive:

  • state recognized diploma of higher education confirming a Bachelor of Management degree in a chosen field;
  • international diploma confirming bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration);
  • pan-European Diploma Supplement.

Choose a training format:

ВВА Program (Bachelor of Business Administration):