Undergraduate MTI programs offer a whole range of specializations and profiles. You also have an opportunity to continue your education on any of our programs even if you’re already studying at another university or institute.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is known worldwide and is generally recognized by the business community in Russia. BBA program allows you not only to get the fundamental higher education, but also to master all the skills and knowledge required for each manager, top manager or business owner.

MTI offers an opportunity to get a second degree in any undergraduate or graduate program. Upon admission to a bachelor program it is possible to shorten the program using the credit transfer.

If you already have a degree, you can continue your education or choose an entirely new profession by enrolling on a master’s program at MTI. A master’s degree provides a lot of advantages in building your career.

MTI also provides secondary vocational education. During the course students acquire practice-oriented skills in the most popular specializations.

MBA degree is the most well-known qualification in business management, confirming that its holder has the key management competencies. MBA qualification implies the ability to perform work of a chief executive at any level of management in organizations.

If you want to change your type of the professional activity, we recommend that you consider the possibility of enrolling on a professional retraining program. Professional retraining programs will allow you to master a new profession in a short period of time without affecting your workflow and personal affairs.

Advanced training will help you improve your skills and abilities. Upon completion of the advanced training you will learn how to apply new work methods and develop your career.

Moscow Business School holds a very special place in the MTI structure. MBS trains executives and staff of successful Russian and foreign companies, entrepreneurs, as well as those who plan to open a business or aimed at developing managerial career with the position of middle and senior managers.

Training programs are aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills to organize and manage a personal business. The graduates plan and implement their own business projects making global strategic decisions. The training is held by major world-class experts in the field of entrepreneurship.