Organization and technology of information protection

Specialists of this profile deal with information protection using developed methodology and programs as well as analysis of existing methods and techniques that are used for control and information protection and developing of proposals for their improvement.

During the training students get new skills in data collecting and analysis needed to develop new measures to ensure data protection and identification of possible data leakage channels of professional, commercial, military and state secrets.

Graduates of «Organization and technology of information protection» course know how to find security vulnerability in corporate networks and can counteract attacks on computer networks. Training on specific courses is carried out by highly experienced and certified instructors on the basis of Cisco academy using its equipment and teaching materials of vendor in accordance with ISO, PSI DSS, SOX and GOST.

Students learn:

  • history, fundamentals of philosophy, foreign language;
  • mathematics, computer science, document science, document support of professional activities, archive science;
  • technical facilities of informational support, databases, IT security basics;
  • economy of the organization, organizational basics of company activity, management, life safety;
  • security system organization, legal protection of information, private records management, e-document management organization and supporting, technical information methodology, software and hardware information;
  • computer networks and telecommunication systems based on Cisco teaching materials and equipment;
  • software, data bases and programming languages engineering (including C / C + +, C #, Java, Assembler, Pascal and others).

Much attention is paid to the following issues: documental and technical provision of the information security, informatization subjects, data protection, documentation (including confidential), participation in planning and organization of object protection work, using hardware and software facilities to secure information.

The program graduates are prepared for the following professional activities:

  • planning and organization of the facility protection;
  • documentation management (including confidential);
  • software and hardware technical facilities usage for information security;
  • participation in the implementation of facility comprehensive system protection;
  • participating in data collection and processing to find solutions for information protection and efficient use of available channels detecting leakage of confidential information;
  • participation in the programs and methods’ development for information security organization;
  • accounting, data processing, storage, transmission using different data storage devices for confidential information;
  • control of personnel in context of compliance with the requirements of information security;
  • participation in organizational and regulatory document preparation regulating information protection;
  • business documentation, including electronic documentation (also for confidential information).

Job placement

Upon completion of the training, the graduates successfully work:

  • in various structures and different industry companies that are providing documental and technical support of the information security

Duration of study:

  • From 1 year and 10 months to 3 years and 10 months — Basic training

Admission requirements:

  • Higher school certificate
  • Certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Diploma of primary vocational education
  • Admission to the College is carried out without entrance examinations


After completing the «Organization and technology of information protection» program the graduates receive the state-recognized diploma of vocational secondary education.

Training formats and tuition fee:

Full-time Part-time weekend group Part time with distance training Concurrent training
59 900 rub.
(70 000 rub.)
70 000 rub.
35 900 rub.
(46 000 rub.)
46 000 rub.
19 900 rub.
(34 000 rub.)
34 000 rub.
29 900 rub.
(39 000 rub.)
39 000 rub.