Information security of telecommunication systems

Information environment today is a set of different parts with activities focused on the collection, analysis, processing, distribution and use of data and relevant social relations control system.

Professional interests of graduates of the specialty «Information security of telecommunication systems» lie in the sphere of organization, maintenance and information security of telecommunication networks and systems in organizations of various structures and orientation.

This specialty allows you to acquire skills of system external intrusion successful prevention and to ensure company’s information security reliable policy.

Graduates of «Information security of telecommunication systems» have skills for a large corporate networks complete analysis for exposure and openness and resist attacks on computer networks. Specialty training is performed by highly qualified professionals and certified instructors in cooperation with Cisco Academy with the use of equipment and vendor teaching materials in accordance with ISO, PSI DSS, SOX and GOST.

Students learn:

  • history, fundamentals of philosophy, foreign language;
  • mathematics, computer science, physics;
  • engineering graphics, electric engineering, electronics and circuitry engineering, electric and radio measurements and metrology;
  • fundamentals of information security, computer science, fundamentals of algorithmization and programming, company economics, management;
  • organizational and legal support of information security;
  • send-receive devices, linear constructions of communication and power supply sources, telecommunication systems, cryptographic and technical information security, hardware-software means of the protected telecommunication systems;
  • computer networks and telecommunication systems with application of Cisco training materials and equipment;
  • software development technologies, databases, programming languages (C/C ++, C#, Java, Assembler, Pascal and others).

Much attention is paid to: organization, maintenance and information security of telecommunication networks and systems in organizations of various structures and industry orientation, studying of technical means of information security, means of ensuring information security.

The program graduates are prepared for the following professional activities:

  • organization of complex information security of telecommunication systems;
  • equipment maintenance of the protected telecommunication systems;
  • application of hardware-software and technical methods and supportive tools of telecommunication systems information security;
  • participation in realization of complex information security of telecommunication systems.

Job placement

Upon completion of the training, the graduates successfully work:

  • in the organizations of various structures and industry orientation on ensuring information security of telecommunication networks and systems.

Duration of study:

  • From 1 year and 10 months to 3 years and 10 months — Basic training

Admission requirements:

  • Higher school certificate
  • Certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Diploma of primary vocational education
  • Admission to the College is carried out without entrance examinations


After completing the «Information security of telecommunication systems» program the graduates receive the state-recognized diploma of vocational secondary education.

Training formats and tuition fee:

Full-time Part-time weekend group Part time with distance training Concurrent training
59 900 rub.
(70 000 rub.)
70 000 rub.
35 900 rub.
(46 000 rub.)
46 000 rub.
19 900 rub.
(34 000 rub.)
34 000 rub.
29 900 rub.
(39 000 rub.)
39 000 rub.