Applied Information Science (by industry)

A lot of secondary vocational education training programs reflect the various components of the information industry. In order to organize and bring together the efforts of many professionals there must be a qualified specialist who is capable of efficient control of a group work and who know the ropes of all modern IT elements.

Students learn:

  • history, fundamentals of philosophy, foreign language;
  • mathematics, discrete mathematics, the theory of probability and mathematical statistics, legal support of profession activities;
  • economy of organization, management, management documentation support;
  • fundamentals of information theory, operating systems and environments, computer systems architecture, industry information processing;
  • development, implementation and adaptation of the industry focused software, support and promotion of the industry focused software, ensuring project activities;
  • computer networks and telecommunication systems based on Cisco teaching materials and equipment;
  • software engineering, databases, programming languages, including C / C + +, C #, Java, Assembler, Pascal and others.

Much attention is paid to information processing, development, implementation, adaptation and maintenance of software and information resources, equipment adjustment and maintenance in the manufacturing, service, trade organizations, administrative and management structures, to languages and content programming systems, content management systems, tools for creating and use of information resources, software, hardware and technical documentation.

The program graduates are prepared for the following professional activities:

  • industry data processing;
  • development, implementation and adaptation of industry software;
  • industry software maintenance and promotion;
  • supporting of the project activities;
  • modeling of the application and information processes;
  • implementation, adaptation and adjustment of applied information systems;
  • operation and maintenance of the information systems and services;
  • users training and consulting during information system operation;
  • optioneering of automated decision of applied problems;
  • assessment of the modern operating environment, information and communication technologies for automated handling of applied problems and development of the information systems;
  • application and information processes improvement;
  • data systems engineering;
  • project activities management.

Job placement

Upon completion of training the graduates of this profile successfully work in:

  • various industry structures (development, processing, implementation and adaptation, maintenance and promotion software).

Duration of study:

  • From 1 year and 10 months to 3 years and 10 months — Basic training

Admission requirements:

  • Higher school certificate
  • Certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Diploma of primary vocational education
  • Admission to the College is carried out without entrance examinations


After completing the «Applied Information Science (by industry)» program the graduates receive the state-recognized diploma of vocational secondary education.

Training formats and tuition fee:

Full-time Part-time weekend group Part time with distance training Concurrent training
59 900 rub.
(70 000 rub.)
70 000 rub.
35 900 rub.
(46 000 rub.)
46 000 rub.
19 900 rub.
(34 000 rub.)
34 000 rub.
29 900 rub.
(39 000 rub.)
39 000 rub.