Computer science and engineering

Evolution of information technologies today entails higher demand for professionals able to design, implement and support information and telecommunication systems, manage IT infrastructure of the organization, develop and use advanced software. According to recruitment agencies IT professionals are in the top of the most popular and well-paid jobs. At the same time there is employee scarcity in this sector due to the fact that there is every modern company has its own IT departments.

College graduates are fully prepared for the job related to computer technologies. During the training students learn a wide range of modern information and communication technologies, programming languages (C / C + +, C #, Java), operating systems Windows, Unix, iOS, Android, hardware and software of the largest world-known vendors: Cisco, Autodesk, Adobe, EMC, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Training on specific courses is carried out by highly experienced and certified instructors on the basis of Cisco academy using its equipment and teaching materials of vendor.