Law and Social Security Organization

The profession of a lawyer has always been one of the most popular, interesting and multifarious. Lawyers’ professional activities lie within such specialized structures as courts, law enforcement agencies, legal services structures as well as general, administrative and economic structures.

Nowadays the list of activities which require law knowledge is expanding, what increases the possibility of finding an interesting job. New realization ways arise in the field of consumer rights, copyright, market protection from unfair competition, construction business and also in real estate sphere.

Lawyers’ professional activities play a very important role, especially activities aimed at the implementation of legal norms in various fields and social security bodies, in the bodies of the Pension Fund of Russia and non-state pension funds.

Students learn:

  • History, Fundamentals of Philosophy, foreign language;
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology;
  • Theory of State and Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Fundamentals of Environmental Law, Labor Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Civil Procedure;
  • Insurance, Statistics, Managerial Economics, Management, Document support of management, Social Security Law, Psychology of social and legal activities;
  • Organization of the bodies and institutions of social protection of the population, of the bodies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Great attention is paid to the study of:

  • legal documents;
  • databases of pension recipients;
  • benefits and social support measures for certain categories of citizens and families;
  • modes of payments of pensions, benefits, compensation and other payments;
  • forms of government and municipal services to individuals, families and groups of citizens in need for social support and protection.

The graduates are prepared for the following professional activities:

  • organization of control over the observance of laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation;
  • participation in the social and legal protection of citizens;
  • enforcement of the citizens’ rights in the field of pensions provisions and social protection;
  • participation in the judicial protection of citizens in the field of social protection and pension provision;
  • informing and consulting citizens and officials about the application of acts of law in the field of social protection.

Job placement

Upon completion of training, the graduates successfully work:

  • in the judiciary, prosecution, tax service, customs, state and local governments, institutions of social protection of the population and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Duration of study:

  • From 1 year and 10 months to 3 years and 10 months — Basic training

Admission requirements:

  • Higher school certificate
  • Certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Diploma of primary vocational education
  • Admission to the College is carried out without entrance examinations


After completing the «Law and Social Security Organization» program the graduates receive the state-recognized diploma of vocational secondary education.

Training formats and tuition fee:

Full-time Part-time weekend group Part time with distance training Concurrent training
59 900 rub.
(70 000 rub.)
70 000 rub.
35 900 rub.
(46 000 rub.)
46 000 rub.
19 900 rub.
(34 000 rub.)
34 000 rub.
29 900 rub.
(39 000 rub.)
39 000 rub.