Wound healing may depend on the presence of certain types of microbes in it


Based on the results of the conducted research, the wound healing may depend on the presence of certain types of microbes in it, even if these microbes are not widespread to induce infection.

The team of Nicholas Bee discovered that the presence of certain bacteria in the wound, even if they were just few to form the infection, could adversely affect wound healing, slowing the treatment or even making it impossible. The team also discovered a surprising fact that some bacteria especially those related to the gastrointestinal tract, such as E. Coli and Bacteroides, were present in the wound which was healing quite well.

According to the research, Bee and his team did not use the traditional methods used in the treatment of wounds. Instead, in order to detect microbes they used the microarray, developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA). It is the test which is capable to detect the genetic information of any microorganism that exists in the database.

The researchers analyzed 124 samples from the 61 wounds of 44 patients wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, determining which bacteria affects the healing and how.

According to Bee, these researches only reflect the relationship without delving into the cause and effect. It is enough to suggest that the information about the presence of specific bacteria, which can significantly affect the healing process, might help with the treatment and to predict the results more precisely.