MTI Structure and management

Organizations and founders of MTI

Senior management of MTI

V. Soldatkin
First Vice-president
E. Pluzhnik    
First vice-rector
E. Nikulchev    
Provost for Research
T. Yablonovskaya
Provost for Teaching and Studies
E. Yadova  
Provost for Continuing Professional Education
S. Karpov
Provost for Organization and Studies
S. Berezina
Provost for Economy
Advisory bodies
Scientific Council
Educational and Methodological Council
Faculty of technics
and modern technologies
Faculty of economics
and management
Moscow Business School

Organizational structure of the Institute

Organizational structure of the Institute

MTI Academic Council

  • Vasiliy Soldatkin — First vice-president of NEI HPE MTI, Head of Research and Development Center, PhD in philosophy (Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council)
  • Evgeny Pluzhnik — First vice-rector of MTI (Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council)
  • Olga Kulikova — Academic secretary of MTI
  • Irina Antanenkova — Head of Department of energetics, MTI, PhD in Technical Sciences
  • Nikolay Barchan — head of management Department, MTI, PhD in Military science, professor
  • Mariya Batyrshina — Head of Distance learning department
  • Igor Belov — Branch Director at MTI in Orenburg, PhD, docent
  • Svetlana Berezina — Provost for Economy
  • Elena Borisova — Head of Department of economics, MTI, PhD in economics, docent
  • Pavel Burlov — Director of education center «Professional»
  • Julia Geller — Head of Construction Department, MTI, PhD in Technical Sciences
  • Yuliya Gorbunova — Head of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines Department, MTI, Associate professor
  • Daria Dvizina — Director of MTI Lingvo language center
  • Nadezhda Denisova — Head of MTI Academic department
  • Anastasia Dolgikh — Head of CPE programs support Department at MTI
  • Irina Efimenko — Assistant to Rector in the field of International affairs and International students, MTI
  • Andrey Ignatov — Head of Advertising and PR department, MTI
  • Alexander Karpov — Dean of the Faculty of technics and modern technologies, PhD in Technical Sciences
  • Sergey Karpov — Provost for Organization and Studies — Director of the International School of Economics, PhD in Economics, professor
  • Anastasia Kruchinina — Chief Accountant, MTI
  • Ludmila Kuklina — Director of MTI College, PhD in Pedagogical science
  • Vladimir Larionov — Head of Department of Natural Sciences at MTI, PhD in Technical science.
  • Alexander Matveev — General director LLC «Mobilnoe obrazovanie» (Mobile education)
  • Evgeny Nikulchev — Provost for Research, D.Eng.Sc.,professor, MTI
  • Oxana Rashevskaya — Head of Education Quality Control Department, MTI
  • Olga Nikishina — Head of Regional Development Department, MTI
  • Aleksandr Podlevskikh — Head of Information Science and Automation Department, MTI
  • Natalya Presnyakova — Head of Academic and Methodological Department
  • Maria Rumyantseva — Head of Marketing Department, MTI
  • Aleksandra Samoilovskikh — Marketing director, MTI
  • Sergey Suetin — Head of Management Department, MTI, PhD in economics, docent
  • Sergey Titov — Dean of Faculty of economics and management, MTI, PhD in economics, docent
  • Vladimir Tytar — Head of Technosphere safety Department, MTI, PhD in Military science
  • Irina Frolkova — Head of Legal Department, MTI
  • Tatyana Yablonovskaya — Provost for Teaching and Studies, MTI, PhD in physics
  • Ekaterina Yadova — Provost for Continuing Professional education, MTI, PhD in Social Science, docent