Partnership proposal

MTI goals

  • Meeting the needs of representatives of all social layers in professional education at every level;
  • Building a global educational system compounding (joint) scheme to provide training and development of its management;
  • Development of academic exchanges system;
  • Creation of a united information-educational environment of the world community.

Benefits for organizations collaborating with MTI

  • Integral electronic library of full-text resources for educational purposes (up to 100 GB and 20 000 items);
  • Integral database of tutors and advisors, structured by disciplines;
  • Integral database of tests (AST and FEPO) structured by discipline for corporate procedures of control of knowledge (office and online testing);
  • Typal web site integrated in MTI corporate information portal (free hosting and considerable disk space);
  • Free use of service opportunities of online training contingent with the use of means of federal educational portal «Russian portal of open education», LMS Moodle and LearningSpace.

Areas of possible collaboration

  • Representing and defending MTI interests on educational project realization in the field of training, retraining and advanced training programs with an aim- to ensure a united marketing policy with the territory of Russian Federation, the CIS and other countries;
  • Creation of MTI territorial office (territorial access point) for providing organizational, methodological and telecommunication conditions realization, as well as implementation of all educational programs using distance technologies. Educational license is not required for opening territorial office;
  • Educational franchise contract, in its framework, certified training is provided to a partner on programs, technologies under MTI control. If partner holds an education license, «double diploma» program is possible as well as joint unit creation between MTI and the partner;
  • Creating MTI lyceum grade based on 10-11 grades of secondary schools;
  • Contract of educational providing with an aim to promote and implement educational services, programs and other products throughout the MTI network — regional and international;
  • Establishment of a joint educational or consulting multifunctional organization for promotion and implementation of educational and consulting services, MTI programs and other products in partners region or in partners priority area of expertise, in this case, partner organization is considered to be a subsidiary and becomes MTI full-fledged strategic partner;
  • Organizational Certification, confirming organizational and methodological support for training and consulting in the open education system at MTI (MTI COO) for student training on undergraduate and master programs, territorial organization of the access point to the MTI COO for MTI students, as well as representing and defending university interests.

Contracts and agreements

General agreements

Agreement on cooperation in educational field (draft)
Agreement on Academic Cooperation (draft)
Contract of representing and defending MTI interests (draft)

Creation of MTI territorial office (territorial access point) Educational license is not required.

Agreement on the creation of territorial access point to the system of Open Education of World Technological University (draft)
Supplementary Agreement (draft)

Educational franchising agreement. Possible creation of a joint unit between MTI and Partner.

Agreement on cooperation in the field of open continuous multi-level professional education (draft)
Agreement on the principles of cooperation and financial procedure order (draft)
Agreement on access to information resources (draft)
Agreement on operating in MTI united 1C system: Paid education accounting (draft)
Cooperation agreement with the institutions of secondary vocational education (draft)
Agreement on the establishment and development of continuing professional education system in secondary schools (draft)

Creating MTI lyceum grade based on 10-11 grades of secondary schools.
Contract for consulting services (draft)
Application (draft)
Certificate (draft)

Agreement on educational providing. Promotion and implementation of your educational services in MTI entire network (Russian Federation, CIS and non-CIS countries).

Agreement on educational providing (draft)

Organizational certification which certifies conducting organizational and methodological support for training and consulting in the open education system: Undergraduate / Masters.

Thesis on the organizational certification dated from November 24, 2008, № 05-04-117

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