Moscow Technological Institute

It is well known that the labor market in modern Russia is currently experiencing an acute shortage of skilled professionals in most important professional areas. This issue is discussed in many circles and at different levels, starting from governmental meetings, scientific and educational conferences to business forums with the participation of employers and HR specialists. Solution to this problem seems to be as obvious as difficult to implement, that is to create a system of continuing high-quality education, accessible to anyone throughout his or her career.

High quality of education, the use of modern educational technologies, a possibility to study from any place in the world are the most important advantages of Moscow Technological Institute. MTI represents a university of new generation, which tends to consolidate all the best educational practices accumulated in the field of higher education.

MTI history started with the Russian government initiatives to strengthen cooperation with the United Nations (UN) and its bodies (UNESCO and UNIDO) in the development and modernization of the Russian education system. Within this framework a global program «Public education system of the XXI century» was developed in Russia including two projects related with it — «Distance education in the new information environment» (Descop) and «World Technological University» (current — MTI).

Moscow Technological Institute successfully incorporated its own methods in providing the accessibility and continuity of education. MTI developed and successfully implemented in the educational process its own methods of distance learning. At the same time, MTI has a large number of branches, teachers and tutors able to provide a high quality education to everyone, regardless of location, age, social status and level of studies.

MTI is currently one of Moscow’s largest universities with a wide experience in the use of modern technologies in education with many graduates in different professional fields, important for the Russian economy. MTI occupies one of leading positions in the «Modern Education» holding, which brings together a number of prestigious educational institutions with an aim to collaborate on the further development of the educational system in Russia.

If you wish to become a true professional at the labor market in most prospective economic areas, you will surely find a suitable option among the MTI educational programs according to your demand, level of studies and personal circumstances.