Учитесь в МТИ

In its principles, Moscow Technological Institute brings together fundamental traditions of Russian academic education and the latest achievements in the field of new educational technologies. This ensures that our students receive all the benefits of modern education:

MTI has a wide experience of educational activities in the past 15 years we have produced tens of thousands of highly qualified professionals, trained by our qualified and talented teachers.

In MTI, everyone can choose a convenient module of training in accordance with their age, place of residence, income level, state of health, employment and other personal circumstances.

Moscow Technological Institute provides unlimited possibilities for education development: higher education, Master degree studies, second degree, continuing professional training, BBA, Master of business administration (MBA).

Technological effectiveness
The use of the latest advances in the field of educational technologies makes the learning process effective and convenient and minimizes the corresponding costs and time.

The opening of the Year of Sport at Moscow Technological Institute 06.02.2015

Maria Lazareva, master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, will give an open lesson on sport dances.

MTI welcomes a new employee – Promorobot 06.02.2015

An event, devoted to the orientation day of Promobot will be held on February, 20.

Moscow ski run – 2015 competition 02.02.2015

The team of Moscow Technological Institute did an outstanding job at ski race.

12th International Moto Park Exhibition 30.01.2015

Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center opens its door to exhibitors and visitors of the 12th edition of Moto Park 2015.

11th International Exhibition Velo Park 2015 30.01.2015

All sport-lovers will gather at IEC «Crocus Expo» on February, 20–22.

Scientists make space weather forecasts for Venus 14.08.2014

For the first time the European Space Agency (ESA) engaged in regular forecasts of space weather for spacecraft, rotating in orbit of another planet.

Wound healing may depend on the presence of certain types of microbes in it 14.08.2014

Based on the results of the conducted research, the wound healing may depend on the presence of certain types of microbes in it, even if these microbes are not widespread to induce infection.

Mercury is shrinking faster than previously thought 05.05.2014

Using data from the spacecraft Messenger Paul Byrne and his colleagues from Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, U.S., calculated the speed of Mercury shrinkage and stated that the planet closest to the Sun was contacting at a rate 2 to 8 times greater than computer models and former probes had shown.

ALMA reveals an enigmatic gas clump around a young star 05.05.2014

Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in northern Chile have announced the discovery of an unexpected clump of carbon monoxide gas in the dusty disc around Beta Pictoris star. The strange thing is that such gas is expected to be rapidly broken by the central star’s light. Therefore, something — probably frequent collisions between small, icy bodies such as comets — must be causing the gas to be continuously replenished.